The Smell of Popsicle Sticks from Tim Ciasto on Vimeo.

The award winning short film ”The Smell of Popsicle Sticks” is a story about one man’s passion for building wooden surfboards and riding them in the frigid waters of Sweden.

The video is a portrait of Peter Jarl and his fondness for wood and surfing, which he combines by building beautiful wooden surfboards in his small garage.
The film focuses on his love for the craft, his authentic woodworking and the creation of his first 100% pure wood surfboard, free of fibreglass and epoxy. With a humble and enthusiastic attitude, Peter is not afraid of literally working against the grain, far away from the mainstream surf locations and industry standards. His goal is to build well-crafted wooden surfboards that last longer and are more sustainable than their factory produced counterparts.
In the video Peter shares his thoughts about surfing in Sweden and takes his board out for a test ride in the cold winter waves of southern Sweden.

Video portrait about surfer/shaper Peter Jarl

  • Production: VISUALIFE
  • Awards: Best Baltic Shorty – Nord/Nordost Surf Film Fest Berlin 2015