We tell compelling and inspiring visual stories, ranging from short single person portraits to more complex corporate video projects. Located in Malmö Sweden and operating internationally VISUA.LIFE focuses on capturing the essence of what you want to communicate and thereby making visible what deserves to be seen.

What do you want to communicate? Do you want to show the world what you are passionate about, or do you look for a way to market your unique strengths that differentiate you from others? A video is the perfect way to reach your audience in an engaging way.


What are you passionate about? Is it your business, an idea, a product, an event, a good cause or your hobby? Wouldn’t it be great to share your knowledge with others in a simple way?
Helping you tell your story by combining visuals, sound and music is my passion!


Video is more engaging than other online media because it connects with more of our senses. In a video, your audience can see what you do hear how you talk and the sounds that surround you. Moving pictures of a genuine smile, a voice, and perfectly matched music can be very emotional.
Show the world what you care about!


It matters how your communication looks and feels. Professional production with high-quality visuals can make a very positive first impression or help to present a complex idea in an easy to understand way. Good sound is equally as important as the good-looking visuals. We care about quality and offer it at a fair price.
Are you ready to raise the standard of your communication?

Tim Ciasto

I love creating visual communication and in 2012 I decided to follow this passion and start VISUA.LIFE. Since then I have worked on dozens of international corporate video projects ranging from training, to product launches to event documentations. Almost two decades of experience in the area of retail sales, communication, development of training and e-learning, graphical design, web-design, 3D visualisation, and project management help me to quickly understand the needs of my clients and to offer the right solution for them. Every project requires a different approach and I love to constantly learn and expand my skill-set.
Usually, I work as a one-man production crew and that way I have 100% direct control over every aspect of production. For me, it is very important to really understand what the individual needs of my clients are. They know, that everything they say will make it not only to the ears of the project manager but the director, cameraman and editor too. This way I can ensure a smooth, cost-efficient workflow and faster deliveries too. Most importantly though it leads to better and more compelling visual storytelling.
Let me help you to get your message across, fast, effectively and with great flexibility.

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today."

Robert McKee




I create high quality corporate videos, training videos, event videos, commercials, image videos, portrait videos that are engaging and inspiring. I take care of the complete production from planning, storyboarding, filming, editing, colour grading, video format conversion, optimisation for web distribution and subtitles.



I believe that what you hear is as important as what you see. Therefore I offer of high quality location audio recording, voiceover recording, sound design & editing, original music production, audio recovery and restoration.



You can hire me to take beautiful photos of events, food, products, portraits, locations and time-lapses.

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Multiply the impact of your communication

We all know the saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Video is a stream of pictures and while watching it our eyes and brain are capable of processing up to 30 images per second. After one minute we have accumulated the equivalent information of 1.800.000 words. Granted, this is all theoretical but when adding spoken words, sound and music to the moving pictures our ability to share information and emotions increases dramatically.


Let me help you to tell your story


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